Funeral Directors Serving Hackney Central

Many people today have a pre-paid funeral plan which states what kind of funeral they wanted. They may have written something in their Will about the kind of ceremony they prefer.

But mostly, this is an occasion for you to mark the person’s passing and celebrate their life. You may have strong religious beliefs that set out how the funeral will happen. Or you may want a ceremony with no religious content, but where family members, colleagues or friends say what the deceased meant to them. Most Church of England clergy will enable you to include these personal elements in the church’s burial service.

Floyd & Son will discuss what you want, and give you an estimate that includes all fees and charges.


The Church of England has set fees for burials. Remember that the burial is most likely to be in a cemetery as most churchyards cannot accept new burials. Cemeteries are generally owned by the Local Authority and fees will vary.



No one can be cremated until the cause of death is known. There are certain forms you will be required to sign. The cost of cremation will depend on which local authority’s crematorium you use. Ashes can be scattered in a garden of remembrance, or a favourite spot. They can be buried in a churchyard or cemetery, or kept.